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High Quality Premium Magnetic Fast Charging Braided Cable

High Quality Premium Magnetic Fast Charging Braided Cable


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    • Lightning (iPhone)
    • Micro USB
    • Type-C
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Recomended Products
1, Essager new card slot type magnetic line
2, innovative design, elegant and for sharp, challenge the production process
3, 83 production links, to create excellent products, we are serious
4, zinc alloy material, the appearance of the texture is more beautiful
5, the design of the card slot tongue structure, compared to the needle type magnetic line, showing the surface transmission surface contact advantage (the larger the contact area, the faster the transmission current)
6, regardless of the forward and reverse insertion, support charging + transmission data. Data transmission capacity 480Mbps
7, one-handed operation, no longer occupy the other hand when plugging in the phone
8, the tongue plated with gold, better conductivity, better wear resistance
9. Strengthen the neodymium magnet, the suction is more sufficient, the charging is more stable, and the ipad 5 can be easily lifted. The magnetic suction can also be used in an emergency situation, such as the mobile phone falling off the waterway and falling behind the sofa;
10, super magnetic adsorption, repeated use of adsorption 40000 + after the test, you can continue to charge
11, 162 pieces of thick tinned copper, real material, can be transmitted at high current

Essager Magnetic Charger Micro USB Cable for Fast Charging Wire Cord USB Micro Magnet Mobile Phone Cables

Package Included:
1*Micro USB Cable



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